The Fruits of Our Ongoing Research Into Forces, Fields, & Frequencies

You may notice that this website is divided into five pages about Earth Energies (EE) and five pages about Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Our primary investigative focus has been a combination of Earth Energy research and remediation, and Electromagnetic Field sensitivity. If you read the book,"Survival of the Sickest" by Dr. Sharon Moelem, you'll get a good idea of how chronic stress sources such as these can turn off your body's DNA proofreading mechanisms, cause DNA mutations and protein malformations to skyrocket, and alter both your body's expression of many genes, and their expression in your progeny. It can be scary stuff, and we have been focused on both geopathic (harmful Earth Energies) and excessive levels of electromagnetic energy for a number of reasons:

  • First, because of the results we have seen from working with them, even if the client doesn't believe in this stuff.
  • Second, because the other stressors are well known and can be dealt with by the average label-reading human.
  • Third, because their effects are cumulative, sneaking up on you like the frog in the slowly heating pot of water, and
  • Fourth, because their causes require some expertise, instrumentation, or special abilities to track down.
Backing up a bit, I (Bob Dahse) find pathways and formations of geopathic (from geos - of the Earth, and pathos - suffering) energy. Hence the website named GeoPathfinder.
After about 20 years of experience in finding water, lost/buried objects, people, etc. I started to use my dowsing experience to help folks who suspected that their house, or more specifically, their house's location, was trying to harm them.
This led to years of on-going field research since 2002, and Earth Energy deflection and dissipation provided to over 175 homes and businesses. It also led to the writing of the book "Planetary Patterns", now in its second edition. And both working and living with off-grid, solar/wind electricity installations since the mid-1980's has provided many useful insights into the options available for reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields. So when we work at geopathic stress abatement, we also locate any stressful areas related to EMF pollution, or "electrosmog", ranging from excessive electric/magnetic field exposures, to "dirty electricity" (harmonics and transients on the AC lines), to RFR (radio frequency radiation) exposure from any wireless sources, either inside or outside a re

Years of this rather narrow focus eventually fused with our day-to-day lifestyle choices, fueled by both intuition and logic, and began to meld into a common theme. The twelve pages of our homestead-related website,, break this overall theme down into what we hope you find to be manageable bits. And updates to the dot-com site can now be found at our blog site.

Our Book on Earth Energies

   Planetary Patterns - A Dowser's Survey of Earth Energies

Partly as a service to my energy remediation clients, and partly as a reminder to myself (my memory has never been the greatest, except for numbers), after a few years of field research using dowsing and divination, I found it necessary to publish a book specifically on Earth Energies. The reference to patterns in the title comes from the inspiration I got in reading Guy Underwood's book, "Pattern of the Past". Guy dealt mainly with the unique patterns he was finding while dowsing archaeological sites in England.

I have found that almost every Earth Energy has a unique pattern that I call its "signature". Now in its second edition, Planetary Patterns covers the usual stuff found online or in other books on the subject, plus corrections on that data and loads of additional information. It also includes extensive and exclusive descriptions of many other Earth Energy patterns that are either completely new or, perhaps, lost and rediscovered. There is a chapter dealing with what I call the Spherical Field surrounding all physical objects. This field is used as a theoretical foundation for finding what sort of effect a particular energy pattern has on humans.

All of the formations and pathways are shown in full-page, 2-D or simulated 3-D illustrations to help you visualize this hard-to-imagine stuff. And if you need updates for anything I've found since publications, just check the EE Updates page at the left. Whatever is not in the book is there, and vice versa. You can see an Adobe PDF file (requires Adobe Reader, available free here) of the table of contents at this link.

From the back cover of Planetary Patterns:

It's about energy, Earth Energy. It's not man-made, and there are dozens of types, covering the entire planet. They flow upward, downward, or across the Earth's surface, but you can't see them. Some are entirely favorable to living things, or geobeneficent. Others are quite stressful, or geopathic, adding to all the other environmental and emotional strains we're subjected to. Spend a lot of time in geopathic zones and you'll probably get sick. But if you can avoid these spots, or find someone who knows how to dissipate or deflect the harmful energies, you'll soon feel better and get better. Wild animals and a few peculiar people, such as myself, can do something you've probably lost the knack for: geomancy, or using specialized senses to discern between helpful and harmful Earth Energies. Proper training and persistence can help you regain your dormant abilities. But in the meantime, isn't it nice to know that somebody else went through the trouble to catalog the unique patterns, or signatures, of all these formations? That's what you're now holding. And if you don't believe in any of this, that's quite O.K. I didn't either, until I learned how to find, figure out, and fix these things. Either way, the Earth will continue to exhibit these patterned energy fields. So if you're willing to learn more, please read onward and prepare to have your beliefs challenged!
128 pages, with extensive illustrations.

Purchasing Information on "Planetary Patterns":

  • Physical Copies of the Second Edition of Planetary Patterns (above) are unfortunately no longer available, but we do have PDF downloads.
  • To order a downloadable Adobe PDF file of the above book for $8.75, Click Here. (Requires Adobe Reader) Clicking this takes you (very slowly if you have a dial-up connection!) to PayPal's order form, linking you to the download on This download is a 9 MB file, so on some slower connections it may take some time.


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About Us

In brief, you should know the following, which you can find out more about on our homesteading related sister website:

We are Larisa Walk and Robert (Bob) Dahse. We have been together since 1982. We live in the rolling hills and temperate, humid climate of southeastern Minnesota in the "upper Midwest" of the United States. We work for wages as little as possible, maintaining a "poverty-level" income. We prefer to work for our subsistence instead of paying for endless wars and a bloated, deficit-based federal budget. Needless to say, we are both the "black sheep" of our families! We have been living with off-grid, solar electricity (and sometimes with wind electricity) for over 30 years, using rainwater collection for all of our water needs. We compost all of our kitchen and bodily "wastes", along with those of our two pet sheep. We grow most of our food and use organic methods learned from childhood (along with plenty of reading along the way), honed through over 5 years of soil consultation and testing that we provided nationally through our former business, "Underfoot Soil Consulting Service".

Our home is owner-built using straw-bale construction and it's heated by both direct passive solar techniques and by using a masonry wood-stove of our own design (burning about a "cord", 128 cu.ft., of fallen "soft maple" per year). Although we live in frigid Minnesota, we grow lettuces and other greens both in our solar-heated greenhouse and in indoor window boxes year-round. We steam-can, steam-juice, root cellar, "live-store", or solar-dry all of our garden's bounty. Most of our spring/summer/fall cooking is done using a parabolic solar oven or a PV-powered AC electric stove-top. In the winter we cook on our wood-stove or use the AC stove-top and home-built, 12-volt DC oven. We very rarely use our propane gas cook-top.

Since we don't like senseless suffering or death, we have been successful and healthy vegans for about 40 years (each). Our diet is whole-food, chemical-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, casein-free, and primarily home-grown, wild, or shipped-in Certified Organic as a last resort. And our transportation, when we need it, is primarily by recycled 2000 Honda Insight hybrid, our recumbent Catrike, "tadpole-style" tricycle, converted into a solar-charged, human/electric hybrid vehicle, and (since 2009), a solar-charged electric car, converted from a gasoline-powered, 1979 Porsche 924.

You will note, as you read the various subjects we cover, that many of our efforts involve "hybrid synergy" (except our seed supply; we save open-pollinated varieties for planting) and robust back-up systems. Our former Toyota Prius and bikes were/are gasoline/electric and human/electric hybrids. Our wood-stove is a masonry/steel hybrid that heats our hot water and includes an active solar, air-to-air heat exchanger. Our house is a hybrid of straw-bale infill, "stick-frame", and post-and-beam building techniques. Our sauna is sometimes used as a "summer kitchen" and as a foul-weather food dehydrator. Our 2.3 KW photovoltaic solar electric system doubles as a supplier of hot water for much of the year, and also utilizes excess sunny-day input to charge our electric and hybrid cars, hybrid electric trike, electric tractor, electric mowers, etc. The electric vehicles can be directly charged from our solar panels or we can use AC chargers and our inverter. You get the idea. We like things that do multiple tasks or use various inputs.

Having read all of the above I will assume that you think we are purists, tree-huggers, and neo-Luddites. That's far from accurate. We use technology where we feel that it is appropriate, from an environmental, economic, and sociological perspective. We are not creating or raising children, and we consider this choice to be the basis of our version of an ecological life. Human life means more than being a DNA copy-machine. Never fear, someone else will pick up the slack! The few things that we buy we view as tools, to be used for accomplishing specific tasks, and we don't skimp on tools. We typically don't follow directions or dogmas, but stay within the confines of the Law. We've read, and continue to read a lot, and make decisions based on sorting out as much information as we can handle, balancing the rational, logical results with well-honed intuition. We encourage others to do the same. Our choice of lifestyle is political, in that we don't wish to support the Earth-killing decisions made either by those in power in Washington D.C. or more locally. If the only legal way to do that is by living pretty close to the land in a low-impact, low-income, atypically self-sufficient mode, then so be it.

"Truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as patently obvious." Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, 1788-1860

"That which is impenetrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of Nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything we can comprehend is my religion." Albert Einstein

Legal Matters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the information contained herein (nor is it likely to!), and said information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.